I read Return of the King -Z Factor immediately after finishing The Zombie King as its was just brilliant and I couldn't stop. This sequel was as good if not better than the first and follows on perfectly. Amazon Review, June 2014.

As usual this author has done a great job. Very different to the first book in the series, but a cracking read nonetheless. Amazon Review, May 2014.

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Sequel to Return Of A King: a Zombie Chronicle:

zombie guardians return of a king zombiesWhat should have been a routine flight from London Heathrow to New York soon turns into a living nightmare for those on board. With many of his fellow passengers showing symptoms of a particularly nasty virus, Nick, a young Aussie backpacker, has resigned himself to a miserable trip. However, his luck appears to change when he meets Kirsti, a pretty Finnish girl seated nearby. Preoccupied with each other, the two fail to realise that they have embarked on a journey into hell.

Finally recognising that something bad, something very bad indeed is happening, Nick comes up with the crazy idea of hiding out in a toilet cubicle until help arrives. Battling to stay unharmed in their cramped refuge, the pair are ironically saved from certain death when the plane crash lands in the marshes near to JFK airport.

But more horrors are to come as Nick realises that some of the dead passengers have reanimated into monstrous creatures with a craving for living flesh. His living flesh. Meanwhile, Kirsti attracts the BFF from hell.

Struggling to contain what appears to be a zombie outbreak, the American authorities, aided by their British allies, are shocked to realise that they face a far deadlier threat to their existence than simply the dead returning to life.