"Where would the zombie apocalypse originate? This give a fab twist on the zombie story. Full of action..." Kittybuzz, Amazon Review

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zombie guardians return of a kingWho would ever have imagined in their wildest dreams that the End of Days would start with the discovery of the earthly remains of some long-dead king underneath a car park in Leicester, of all places?

On that fateful day, little did the archaeologists involved in the dig realise that they were about to unleash on their fellow man an ancient evil long since contained in the bottom of that very pit. It was an evil so terrible that no mention of it would be found in any document, and its true nature known only to a select few. Too late to save themselves, the inhabitants of that city realised that not only were the recently deceased reanimating but they were doing so with a renewed zeal for life, and the taste of living flesh.

NB - this is NOT part of the series, ‘The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle’.