"Once again one of my favourite authors has come up trumps. A gripping tale with excitement and some added humour. The story moves along at a fast pace and it's difficult to put down. Very graphic death scenes, just my cup of tea." Amazon Review, September 2014

"Well worth the wait! Another fantastic read from the author and exciting addition to my growing zombie novel collection. Can't wait to see more from David K Roberts and hopefully in the not too far future! Highly recommend!" Amazon Review, September 2014

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Third in the Trilogy:

The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle - Dez RezAfter three years of struggling to survive, ‘residuals’ was the name everyone now gave the zombified remnants of the population that still clung onto some form of life following the apocalypse.

Tired of eking out a hand to mouth existence in the mountains above Denver, and with the arrival of new survivors putting a strain on limited resources, Rob, Daniel and the rest of the original survivors decide that the time has come for pastures new.

Soda Bay in California ticks all the boxes - mild climate, fertile soil, and easily defendable. Problem is, this prime real estate is already occupied by people with their own absolute and terrifying agenda. Something else, something infinitely more malevolent has entered the mix - a dark presence, lethal and dangerous yet hard to identify - making it the most unequivocal threat to their existence yet.