"Great sequel to The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle. Leaves me wanting a third instalment." Kelly G, Amazon Review.

"This second instalment is as interesting and easy to read as the first in the series, but even better in content in my opinion." V Parish, Amazon Review.

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The second book in the Trilogy:

the common cold cabin fever zombie chronicle zombie apocalypseThis gripping, fast-paced sequel finds our band of survivors set up camp at Tom's lakeside cabin in the Rockies. The isolated location and the imminent arrival of snow lull them into a false sense of security that they will be safe from further zombie attacks.

Cabin fever is hell, fear is constant while safety is fleeting.

Joining forces with a stranded military helicopter crew, the disparate group are obliged to work together to make their lives more bearable until they can figure out a plan of action.

This proves to be much harder than they envisage as Mother Nature has a particularly nasty trick up her sleeve that will challenge their resourcefulness to the limit. As the weather conditions deteriorate, the situation becomes more fraught as one of the group turns out not to be what they seem.