"This book grabbed my interest. The concept is clever and frightening, and shows that an immense amount of deep thought and research has been used."
J Sandow, Amazon Review.

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animus portal new cover scifi science fictionWhat if you started acting out of character, would you even know it? All your life you've been a 40-a-day Marlborough man or woman, now you have no need for them. And that fatty, juicy burger you so loved at lunchtime no longer has any appeal. Would your colleagues and friends notice the changes in you? What if you and everyone else had a computer chip inserted that controlled innermost thoughts and desires? And what’s worse, you allowed and wanted it to happen? Is this so hard to imagine?

The divergence of the world began with a computer chip, originally medicinal in use, but now available to the world as a simple social media insert. Beginning with the curing of gaoled prisoners of their need to break the law, a Russian oligarch has taken an overwhelming interest in the technology for his own goals. He knows the human race is headed for an untimely end and he wants his legacy to be the salvation of Mankind.

In a world where no-one can be trusted, underhand manoeuvring is de rigueur, shoot-outs with the secret service become commonplace, and massive loss of life is an acceptable cost to the Russian and his intentions, there are only a handful of people able to stand between what was and what will be the future of mankind. Who will win the struggle for the mind of Man?