I have touched on this subject before, but considering our technological advancement will cause us one day to produce something not entirely unlike Star Trek’s teleport technology I think this subject needs to be understood before putting a sentient being through this process.

We all know about teleportation, right? We stand in teleport chamber A and get beamed through space (and time?) to the destination teleport B. Fabulous concept, reduce those pesky carbon footprints in the blink of an eye. Looking more closely, what is actually happening?

Recently German scientists revealed a ‘teleport’ they have nicknamed ‘Spock’ – for obvious reasons. It destructively analyses an object in the origin chamber, and reconstruct it in a receiving chamber, in this case a 3-D printer. Although it doesn’t have much in the way of real world application, it is a pretty graphic description of what would happen to a human body that undergoes the eventual journey. Destructively analysed (don’t let the swirling, pretty blue stars you see on Star Trek fool you), the information is collected by a computer, beamed to the destination where the body is faithfully reconstructed. Or is it?

For those of us who have a religious inclination or even a healthy respect for our ‘id’, this process might not be quite as simple as we think. Whatever it is that makes us tick, be it pure biology, physics, a soul/spirit/divine spark, the question is whether this ‘essence’ for want of a better word, takes the journey with us through the teleport. At the other end we appear miraculously intact, but maybe we don’t.

Consider this About The Teleport

To Teleport Or Not To Teleport

To Teleport Or Not To Teleport – Can you Spot The Difference?

What if, for the first time our body undertakes the deconstruction/reconstruction process, we lose that ‘essence’ that makes us what we are. No-one recognises this fact and they continue to transport people in ever-increasing numbers as the technology becomes available to the masses; at the other end the person feels perfectly normal and senses nothing out of the ordinary, having just come into being moments before armed with all the memories and feelings of the original.

If this is the case then the population is being denuded of the human ‘essence’, becoming simply a cog in a machine that doesn’t recognise itself for what it has become.

The process of deconstruction for teleportation converts everything we are to mere atoms and data – the stuff of everything. How could our ‘essence’ identify with a specific set of atoms, our deconstructed selves, and follow us to our destination? After all, atoms are just atoms; one carbon atom is exactly the same as another carbon atom at least as far as we can see. They can be arranged to form other substances such as diamonds, graphite, or graphene, but the atoms are the same.

There is another possibility, of course. And that’s simply that we have always been machines and no matter how sophisticated and spiritual we think ourselves to be, we are just a walking computer so advanced that we cannot or do not recognise ourselves for the robots we are. We are discovering more and more about the make-up of everything from the God Particle and beyond, so perhaps biologists are looking in the wrong place to find out how we work. Perhaps the millions of neurons they see in our brains and attempt to comprehend just manage the macro functions. What if we use sub-atomic structures to store data and perform complex brain functions? That might just begin to allow us make sense of why we see ourselves as having that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Are we really that special? Is really a divine plan or are we simply subject to physics? I’m not about to expound on that particular subject.

Next time you watch Star Trek and see people entering the teleport, don’t bother shouting at the screen, it’s already too late.

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