There is one question that has always bothered me with respect to the Zombie Apocalypse, and that is, would I recognise the plain truth of it before I get taken down and join the hordes of Undead?

I have immersed myself in the genre for the last 3 years with my writing, the people I meet socially, and those with whom I commune on the Internet. So, technically you’d think I was in a better position than most to recognise it before it bites me on the ass, wouldn’t you? I’m not so sure but I do hope so.

The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle first in the TrilogyMy first zombie book, The Common Cold: A Zombie Chronicle (now a complete trilogy) had its main proponent waking up following the New Year celebrations and commuting to work before he suddenly realises what’s all around him. All because the early stages of the contagion look and feel like a common cold. Headaches, fever, blocked sinuses, nothing sinister about that as a set of symptoms so far. At this stage I wouldn’t be alarmed, I might even feel those self-same symptoms myself if I was particularly low at the time.

In the First Zombie Apocalypse Moments:

When the first person turns on me and attacks, what would I do? Instinctively I would put out my hands to defend myself from their attack. If I wasn’t bitten in that first moment and the Apocalypse came crashing down on me, could I deal a death blow? Maybe in time when the penny actually drops in my mind, but at least in the beginning we have all sorts of social barriers set up in our psyches to stop us taking those extreme actions. In the UK we are told we can use reasonable force to defend ourselves, but no-one has bothered to define to the public exactly what that means. One old fart of a judge might say three strikes to the head was too much force and I would be in trouble, while another might deem my actions perfectly reasonable. I suspect they might all say a pick-axe penetrating the brain would be going way too far.
So far so good – I’ve survived, so I decide to run away before I am obliged to cause permanent damage to the single assailant. The mere act of running attracts other infected people who take up the challenge of trying to use me as a warm, shared buffet. Now my social mores are beginning to shed like fur from a moulting dog. Perhaps I will survive if I can just get those slavering creatures off my trail. Every person I see coming at me or blocking my path I will bowl out of the way like skittles; I suddenly remember the old joke about being able to run faster than the fat guy so I look for one of them to get in front of – see what I mean about the quick decay of decency and civilisation?

So, in 30 seconds, if I haven’t been bitten and am still able to get around, I have become the wild animal I know we all are under the thin veneer of civilisation we use to protect ourselves. I still believe that once the worst of the Zombie Apocalypse has passed, however long that is, some sort of civilisation will return; some people will help others while other groups will become isolationist or even worse, hunt like packs of dogs, taking what they want and cheapening the value of life still further.

In conclusion

The faster the realisation of what is happening dawns on each of us, the more chance you have of surviving. Remember this piece of advice: if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s the Zombie Apocalypse! Run!

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