A worthy sentiment, but on reflection, the name of this film, Kill Zombie!, is a little like that Ronseal ad, ‘it does what it says on the side of the can’. Kill Zombie! – I’m not going to tell you what this film is all about, I’ll keep you in suspense. It’s original title is Zombibi!

kill zombieA film from the Netherlands, I’d say it’s one of the better recent zombie films (2012), although the zombies in this case spew green blood – infected by the ISS crashing out of orbit and landing on Amsterdam. You want a good Z film to watch Kate? This is it, peppered with light-heartedness, it’s fun to watch although I’d say it takes some liberties with the Zombie genre. I particularly rated the attitude of the TV announcer – his antics would increase ratings if only there was someone to watch it in the ZA.

The Plot to Kill Zombies:

Aziz, a lowly office worker is put upon by his boss, the situation being made worse by the office bike (is that PC? Perhaps I should call her by her given name, Tess) who appears to fancy him – much to the boss’s annoyance. That, and his annoying brother, causes Aziz to be fired.

He goes home to his brother, who is the ultimate party guy whose opinion of himself is only marginally smaller than the ISS fireball that hits the same office building Aziz worked in – imagine a Dutch/Moroccan Del boy. Spending the night in a police cell (watch it to find out why) Aziz is released and finds 15 messages on his phone from the lovely Tess beseeching him to rescue her – she is trapped in the office building. Little does he know she has called every bloke on the office she has slept with and so one at a time the small army endeavours to rescue her.

Not quite what I was expecting in a zombie film, it is reasonably well put together and entertaining, some good ‘acting’ from more than a few of the cast. The best line in it is uttered by a Russian specialist sent to diffuse the situation. In a thick Russian accent he explains to Aziz and his brother how to set up Semtex to blow up the Space Station remains – it is still attracting zombies.
“It is easy,” he says. “If it was any simpler they would have sent American to do job.”

I couldn’t help but laugh once I’d deciphered what he said. Don’t worry, my dear American readers, my sentiments don’t run like that but it caught me by surprise!
There is a strange vampiric twist at the end but overall I would give it 4 zombie heads out of 5. After all, I did watch it all the way to the end! And that in itself is rare.

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