"Great read, good pace and more believable than most. Characters are well built and realistic. The plot straightforward but relevant to today. I enjoyed the book and glad to see the ending left the way open for more in the series. Would make a good film." Mad Mole, Amazon Review.

"Interesting book, don’t often come across this sort of potential apocalypse where we come back from the brink." M Hawkins, Amazon Review.

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fierce alchemy bionanite nanite hms oceanAfter many years of service as a Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police, George Spartan thinks he has experienced just about everything the criminal element has to throw at him. Everything that is until he is assigned to investigate reports of a new type of civil unrest breaking out on his patch.

Just what sort of godforsaken infection causes blood-crazed inhabitants to violently attack and eat each other? And more to the point, what in hell's name can George and his companions do to stop it?