We have seen innumerable articles of late that tell of our origins being extra-terrestrial. Maybe ET didn’t need to go home – perhaps he was already home on Planet Earth.

Although zombies are occasionally linked to the sci-fi genre I think most readers of the zombie genre do not associate it with the potential that the contagion, whatever it is, could have either resided on Earth for a long period of time before something triggers it into commencing the final ‘waltz’.

Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle - Extra Terrestrials?

Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle – Extra Terrestrials?

I have written two books of a trilogy called “Return Of A King: A Zombie Chronicle” where I have traced the movement and attempts at defending the human race from a contagion that is neither a virus, a bacterium, nor a fungal infection. It multiplies if exposed to fire or warmth and can be breathed in. All of this is quite possible. Don’t burn the dead bodies!

Recent analysis of the surface of returning space craft have shown the existence of LIVING organisms on their surface even after being exposed to the terrific heat of re-entry into our atmosphere. If this is the case then it is quite possible that our planet was indeed populated from without. Taking that thought further it implies there is life out there somewhere else. With the certain (at least now) knowledge that there are other planets like ours (Goldilocks planets) out there then it is also possible that there are other planets similarly populated. If they are similar to ours then it also leads to the presumption that there are more of ‘us’ out there in whatever form waiting to be discovered. Of course that raises a lot more fears and questions.

Those who maintain we are a closed system due to our peculiar atmospheric conditions, then that too is possible. Consider the fact that every year we discover many new species, some without any obvious relationship to anything living; this could be due to true evolutionary processes being undergone continually in remote places on our planet. Maybe the primordial soup always exists.

My take on Extra Terrestrials and us is that:

  • We are not alone
  • Life began from many sources, not just the traditional assumption that we are a contained ecosphere
  • Maybe we have the right to call ourselves ET, after all, we have plenty of evidence that might indicate this all too clearly

For those who think the Zombie Apocalypse is fantasy and not science fiction, check out my books and then tell me I’m way off base if you can!

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