Following up on my recent article on the best dog to have in a Zombie Apocalypse, I think I missed the point a little in as much the question should not have been Bitzer or Pedigree, but dog or no dog?

I read the most wonderful story this week about a group of four Swedes doing a survival trek in Ecuador (a strangely barmy thing to do in my opinion but what the hey). They encountered a stray dog on their journey, gave it a meatball and discovered a friend for life. I’m not about to retell the tale here, so if you’re interested in reading more about it click here.

Dog On The Tucker Box - 1968So what does it mean to us in the ZA? Assuming animals don’t succumb to the infection that decimates the human population, dogs will make enduring friends and great companions. As more than proven by this story and others like it (the dog on the Tucker Box, Greyfriars Bobby to name but two wonderful examples) they are loyal and worthy of their supply consumption. Anyone that tells you that dogs will only be consumers under these circumstances is horribly misinformed. Nor should they comprise anyone’s diet – if I catch someone doing this, well, let’s just say I have a shovel and a yard with spare capacity.

A Dog can always be trusted

As a bigger issue, when the world turns to shit, and the questions start to arise as to who can or cannot be trusted, the dog can be a great alarm system. If you do not trust a particular person, your problems will start when you need to sleep. Allowing the dog to sleep next to you in the night, in fact positively encouraging its bond to you will ensure no surprises await you when you are at your most vulnerable. I’ve seen my dog go from snoring to up ’n at ’em unnervingly quickly – I’m glad I’m his friend.

Greyfriars Bobby - a dog and a half

Dogs For Sanity

I also think a dog can provide a link to sanity as well. I imagine the ZA will provide long periods of loneliness, either with fellow survivors or without. Instead of talking to yourself, talking to a furry friend will prevent your mind turning in on itself and creating even greater future bonding issues. In the past, even when I have thought the sky was falling in my personal world, the concern and attachment my dog showed at the time was able to lift my mood enough to get through the day. You can’t always say that about people.

If we suffer a ZA and I don’t become one of the many mindless zombies, I guarantee you I will be recognisable for the dog or dogs walking with me. And my AK47 of course!
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