A lot of criticism has been directed at Halloween over the years, from the recent church suggestions that children ought to dress up as saints depicting their stories, to the annual resurgence of ‘possession’ particularly amongst children. My gut feeling is that extreme trauma would ensue if children dressed up as saints considering the appalling ends most came to. I know for a fact that Halloween Witches exist.

Halloween Police halloween witchesThat’s not really the point of my blog tonight. I thought I would share a photo I took this evening. A police helicopter flew over at about 1630 our time and I decided to take some photos. I must have taken a couple of dozen and they turned out pretty standard, such as this one.

It wasn’t until I was looking a little more closely when I came across this one! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t taken it myself. Up to now I didn’t really believe in witches except as an ancient religious concept, mostly long gone.

Witch Hunt halloween witchesI don’t know about you, or whether you believe your eyes or not, but I won’t be seeing Halloween in the same light anymore!

Happy Halloween – if you dare!




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