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I Hate Being Right!

Sadly, I have to announce that I’m real-world on the money with respect to my book, Squatters. I hate being right! My goal when writing a book is to deliver something that hasn’t been done before, a task that becomes harder each day, especially with the unrelenting pace of science in our modern world. I…

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Kill Zombie!

kill zombie

A worthy sentiment, but on reflection, the name of this film, Kill Zombie!, is a little like that Ronseal ad, ‘it does what it says on the side of the can’. Kill Zombie! – I’m not going to tell you what this film is all about, I’ll keep you in suspense. It’s original title is…

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Matter

“I still don’t know why we have to see this film. I’ve heard it’s a pile of …” Gary Newman’s whinging was interrupted by his girlfriend who had heard this same chant a number of times earlier in the day. “Enough, already. I want to see it,” she said, hugging him. “You never know, we…

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Extra Terrestrials We Are

We have seen innumerable articles of late that tell of our origins being extra-terrestrial. Maybe ET didn’t need to go home – perhaps he was already home on Planet Earth. Although zombies are occasionally linked to the sci-fi genre I think most readers of the zombie genre do not associate it with the potential that…

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Recognising The Zombie Apocalypse

There is one question that has always bothered me with respect to the Zombie Apocalypse, and that is, would I recognise the plain truth of it before I get taken down and join the hordes of Undead? I have immersed myself in the genre for the last 3 years with my writing, the people I…

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Dogs And The Zombie Apocalypse

Following up on my recent article on the best dog to have in a Zombie Apocalypse, I think I missed the point a little in as much the question should not have been Bitzer or Pedigree, but dog or no dog? I read the most wonderful story this week about a group of four Swedes…

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Zombie Swarms – Can New Technology Detect Them?

Detecting Zombie Swarms – does it justify the personal freedom restrictions it implies? I think this technology breakthrough seriously creeps me out more than coming face to face with a zombie! Chinese researcher, Jenq-Neng Hwang announced recently at the University of Washington that they had developed software that will enable a person to be followed…

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A Great Dog For The Zombie Apocalypse

I have included dogs in my books about the Zombie Apocalypse but it might be interesting to think about what sort of dog would make a good side-kick in the ZA, in fact a great dog for the zombie apocalypse! Ideas of what to look for in a dog: Capacity to warn of approaching danger…

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