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Short Stories

Fifty Shades Of Grey Matter

“I still don’t know why we have to see this film. I’ve heard it’s a pile of …” Gary Newman’s whinging was interrupted by his girlfriend who had heard this same chant a number of times earlier in the day. “Enough, already. I want to see it,” she said, hugging him. “You never know, we…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – Chapter 6 – Humbug and Preppers

Charging into the woods at the bottom of the sloping field, the friends finally halted their panicked flight from the horrors they had just witnessed and hovering around in an untidy group gathered their frightened wits together. Babe noticed his big friend Goliath had a gash along the length of his flank. A little blood…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – Chapter 5 – Conflict Of Interest

Babe’s voice failed him. Not even a twat like Sid the cat could have distracted him after Simone’s voice had overwhelmed his mind. Her presence and aura was like a warm bath enveloping his brain and soothing him; all thoughts of their perilous circumstance or the wellbeing of his friends went clean out the window.…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – Chapter 4 – Simone Pig

Qwackers wailed in dismay as he watched his beloved partner slowly change before his very eyes. Salma appeared to be increasingly distressed. Her eyes were bloodshot – not that that was easy to see, her little button eyes were always dark, and a tear rolled slowly down her beak. She began to quiver as if…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – Chapter 3 – A Shaggy Dog Tail

The relief that Qwackers had survived his terrible ordeal was short-lived. The humans had heard all of Salma’s cries for help and, of course, Goliath’s not-so subtle approach to rescuing their friend. Now the once dignified creatures (they walked on two legs so they had to be) were crawling across the debris, their nacreous eyes…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – Chapter 2 – Qwackers Nearly Qwoaks

Shep and Babe came bounding out of the house running from the semi-clutches of Mrs Farmer and noticed that the Master was still swinging his wife’s hand wildly, although to be fair it looked like he’d also had a bit of a nibble from the wet end as he made his way over to the…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – Chapter 1 – The Beginning Of The End

“A bacon sarnie? How can you say that in front of…” the horse paused for a moment, nodding his head sideways to indicate the little piglet standing in the circle of friends. “Him,” he finished. “I’m just saying it like it is,” the cat, Sid, argued while at the same time smiling slyly. “It smells…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – A Cornish Pastiche

An earlier article set me onto this path. It’s not my fault; it’s just never left my mind. Anyhow, I am about to publish a blog called ‘Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse’, chapter by chapter. I’m not sure how far I can or will take it, but if George Miller can go from directing Mad…

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse

No, sorry to say I’m not announcing a sequel that ensures jobs for our young porcine friends, although it’s an intriguing thought. Would zombies chase Babe for his brains? Or would he try and round them up? No, this is about survival come the Apocalypse. What do we eat? Whatever you read lists everything from…

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The Slippery Moonlight, By Amy Good. Part Two of Two

“I got worried,” Leon explains.  His eyes and mouth droop. “You weren’t supposed to leave the street,” I say.  It’s not what I want to say.  I want to thank him for checking on me.  I want to tell him how much I appreciate his killing the other meat suit that came down the stairs. …

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