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Science Fiction

I Hate Being Right!

Sadly, I have to announce that I’m real-world on the money with respect to my book, Squatters. I hate being right! My goal when writing a book is to deliver something that hasn’t been done before, a task that becomes harder each day, especially with the unrelenting pace of science in our modern world. I…

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Extra Terrestrials We Are

We have seen innumerable articles of late that tell of our origins being extra-terrestrial. Maybe ET didn’t need to go home – perhaps he was already home on Planet Earth. Although zombies are occasionally linked to the sci-fi genre I think most readers of the zombie genre do not associate it with the potential that…

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Teleport – A Equals B?

I have touched on this subject before, but considering our technological advancement will cause us one day to produce something not entirely unlike Star Trek’s teleport technology I think this subject needs to be understood before putting a sentient being through this process. We all know about teleportation, right? We stand in teleport chamber A…

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ETNO Alert!

I never cease to be amazed at the discoveries we are making in space. Ever since the Hubble Space Telescope had its short-sightedness cured it seems to have led to an exponential growth in planetary discovery. In conjunction with various space probes and the amazing feat of landing one on an asteroid it seems as…

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Dogs In The Apocalypse

In my book, The Common Cold: A Zombie Apocalypse, I introduced a dog to the survivors. It was trapped on the aeroplane with them. He appealed to everyone as something from normal times; he amused the children, helping to keep them calm, and maybe, just maybe, he could function as an alarm, warning of zombie…

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