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Do You Believe In Halloween Witches?

A lot of criticism has been directed at Halloween over the years, from the recent church suggestions that children ought to dress up as saints depicting their stories, to the annual resurgence of ‘possession’ particularly amongst children. My gut feeling is that extreme trauma would ensue if children dressed up as saints considering the appalling…

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Babe: PITA Chapters 3 & 4 on YouTube!

I’ve just uploaded the next two chapters read by my good self. Check it out on Fleeing their zombified owners, our feathered and fuzzy friends contend with hunger (they did miss lunch), short tempers and the cat. Babe struggles with his sexuality (not struggle exactly) when he meets Simone Pig (get it?). Happy listening!

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Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse – Now on YouTube

Today I have just published a spoken video of the first two chapters of the story of Babe: Pig In The Apocalypse. Babe and his friendshave a rude awakening when they discover Mr Farmer has bitten the hand that feeds him. It puts into perspective the petty squabbles between the farm’s animals – almost. If…

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The Slippery Moonlight, By Amy Good. Part Two of Two

“I got worried,” Leon explains.  His eyes and mouth droop. “You weren’t supposed to leave the street,” I say.  It’s not what I want to say.  I want to thank him for checking on me.  I want to tell him how much I appreciate his killing the other meat suit that came down the stairs. …

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The Slippery Moonlight, By Amy Good. Part One of Two

“She got bit?”  My stomach tightens.  My breath comes in fast gulps.  I squeeze Polly’s toddler arm too tight and her little eyes widen.  She squirms out of my grasp, running to Cora.  “Why didn’t you tell me?  What were you thinking?  I can’t even, Cora.  I can’t even.” “It’s not – kids bite each…

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Guest Author, Amy Good

Hello All Please welcome Amy Good, my latest guest author. With a strong interest in all things zombie, I am happy to launch her latest short story, The Slippery Moonlight, today. It will be in two parts, the second coming next Friday. Feel free to check out more of her works at Regards David

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Isolation – by Paget Urner

The stench in the small room was completely overpowering, the air foetid with the sour smell of stale booze and soiled bedding, mixed in with something else. Something worse, almost like meat that had been left out of a fridge too long and was in the first malodorous stages of decay. A shaft of sunlight…

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