Detecting Zombie Swarms – does it justify the personal freedom restrictions it implies?

I think this technology breakthrough seriously creeps me out more than coming face to face with a zombie!

Person Of Interest - can thios technology detect zombie swarms?Chinese researcher, Jenq-Neng Hwang announced recently at the University of Washington that they had developed software that will enable a person to be followed from one camera to another as they walked around the town. This requires each camera to be linked up and the central observation servers to understand the video quality and lighting so that the changes in camera performance can be managed in real time. In a nutshell it means that we are about to enter into the world of ‘Person Of Interest’ – ever seen that programme? It’s the one where a scientist, Harold Finch, develops computer technology that can predict a crime is about to take place – the computer spits out a social security number and then he and his partner in crime, John Reese, investigate and do their thing. Of course, John Reese is more than just a guy – black ops kind of special.

Anyhoo, we have almost arrived at that same point technologically-speaking, so not only are They able to catch you on CCTV, but They are also able to follow you around with ease. Of course, They will tout it as a money saving and security measure – They already reckon they would have caught the Boston bombers in a couple of hours flat. I applaud appropriate security measures but have you noticed that every time they introduce a new one it erodes our true freedom to be ourselves. Instead of breaking the law, what if you piss off the wrong person? What if that person has the wherewithal to use this type of technology to hound or blackmail you? How do we protect ourselves against this type of abuse? That question will probably never be satisfactorily answered before this technology comes into play.

On a brighter note, if it can be as accurate with facial recognition as they say, might it be able to recognise blood on a person? Would it be able to alert the authorities if it found several people with blood on them? If so, it might be able to recognise a zombie swarm and alert the authorities to engage a proper response – perhaps remove the fear of a full blown apocalypse (I know some of you won’t like that of course!). The downside of this kind of reaction would be the ABSOLUTE need to notify the authorities when you want to go on a Zombie Walk or real blood might just be shed, and we sure as hell wouldn’t want that – it would ruin a fun time all round!


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