I have included dogs in my books about the Zombie Apocalypse but it might be interesting to think about what sort of dog would make a good side-kick in the ZA, in fact a great dog for the zombie apocalypse!

Ideas of what to look for in a dog:

  1. Capacity to warn of approaching danger
  2. Great company
  3. Hunting companion
  4. Obedient
  5. Understands who is in the pack and who isn’t

I think a normal pedigree animal would be problematic; their unfortunate inbreeding will have created a minefield of health problems that it will encounter as it gets older – even more so that the rest of us, I mean. Hip dysplasia is a common complaint and can be incredibly painful and is frequently found in the more obvious choice of side-kick dog such as German Shepherd.

greyhound - collie mix great dog for the zombie apocalypseA Heinz 57 is probably the best choice – they have a good mix of genes so they are usually more robust and have fewer problems long term. I came across a great example of genetic mix the other day – a Greyhound Collie cross. Imagine that – fast, affectionate, eager to please, obedient, has the genetic temperament to want to please a ‘master’. It’s hard to think of a better combination but I’m sure you can.

Just in case you think I’m wrong, I’ve attached a picture of the pup I have in mind – now tell me I’m wrong!! This particular pup is up for rehoming and for more information can be found by clicking this link.


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